Pros & Cons Of House And Land Package

Building a new home or finding a new one is a frustrating and time-consuming process. Everyone is not an expert in civil sciences, so it can get tedious for a person to find land and build a new home. The house and land packages make life easier by offering standardized or custom-made packages to suit everyone’s needs. The person can avoid the hassle of buying land separately and then finding the right builder to complete the job. But there are Pro’s and Con’s to this also


  • Buying a home from house and land packages will help you to reduce your cost. As you will be buying both land and home from the same builder so you will get a lump sum price of the deal. As the builders always buy bigger area and then divide the land as per their area plan. In this case, the cost of construction for the house will be standardized
  • As builders acquire the piece of land and they have already made many houses in the same area. So they know the terrain very well, it will help you and builder to lower the cost of construction. As builder is known to building conditions and already have the expertise to build a house in those areas, so there will no extra cost which can incur during the process
  • Builder offer model house also. In case you will buy a model house it will be cheaper than a custom-made house. As builder will have all the material required for the model house. So whenever selecting the packages, do consider model house, if that fits your needs, it will be friendly to your pocket also
  • In the case of a custom-made house, you can get good advice from the builder of Abbott Build. As builder knows the regulation for the area, so they can suggest a design that will be acceptable for authorities. And they can also share the limitations because of the geography and demography


  • Whenever you opt for house and land packages, then you will never have the freedom to design a home that can serve your every need. You have to cut down your wish list to get it fit in the packages
  • By selecting house and land packages, you have to compromise some of your priorities. These packages are offered in the community, which can be far from cities. So the distance for school, work or market will be increased
  • Sometime you will be unable to get the exact piece of land you want. As builder has divided the land to get maximize cover area, so the land of your choice will be off the plan that means you have to pay a special price for it. Sometimes you have to accept the landscape which you get from the deal

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