Polling shows Donald Trump a huge threat to the GOP establishment

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trumpBased on Real Clear Politics’ comprehensive average of data from the nation’s top polling outfits for the 2016 GOP presidential contest, Donald Trump holds a commanding 9.5 point lead against his fellow Republican hopefuls. But that number could be the least of the GOP establishment’s worries.

Michael Needham, chief executive of the Heritage Action for America super PAC, said Sunday that Trump’s popularity has a great deal to do with Republican voters’ overall dissatisfaction with the GOP establishment.

“Most Republican voters hate their party, and that’s what needs to be addressed,” Needham said on “Fox News Sunday.”

The conservative figure said that Trump has something to offer to voters on the right who are sick of the GOP establishment treating the political process like “a game” for Washington insiders.

“Donald Trump is a symptom of a party who has decided they will govern based on special interests,” Needham said, adding that Trump is building voter support by “ticking off all of the right people” in Washington.

“If you can identify the crux of cronyism in Washington, D.C., that’s how you start building trust,” Needham said.

The GOP establishment has yet to accept Trump’s candidacy with open arms, instead writing the business tycoon on as a sideshow and distraction from real issues.

But the GOP elite might want to start taking Trump a little more seriously — or at least pretend to respect his candidacy.

Trump, during a weekend interview on ABC, said he has no interest in a third-party bid at this time — but that he wouldn’t rule out the possibility if he feels abused by the Republican Party.

“If I’m not treated fairly by the Republican Party, I very well might consider that,” Trump said.

Recent polling from Rasmussen illustrates why that could be a problem for the GOP.

From the polling agency:

[O]ver a third (36%) of Likely GOP Voters say they are likely to vote for Trump if he’s a third-party candidate, with 18% who are Very Likely to do so. One-in-three (33%) voters who are not affiliated with either major party also are likely Trump voters, including 16% who say they are Very Likely to vote for him if he runs third-party.

Depending on how much charisma the non-Trump GOP nominee has in that scenario, the number of would-be third-party Trump supporters could go much higher (for instance, given a very unlikely Lindsey Graham nomination) or much lower.

Charles Koch calls for political change at donor summit; Trump says candidate attendees are ‘puppets’

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koch080315Billionaire Charles Koch on Sunday told 450 business leaders, politicians and GOP donors that America is “done for” if conservatives don’t do a better job building support for smaller government.

Koch implored the crowd, gathered by invitation at a luxury resort in Southern California, to help his massive political policy organization eliminate government intrusions to a “truly free society” by focusing on things like eliminating corporate welfare and cronyism.

The conservative movement, Koch said, should model itself after those that led to such mammoth historical victories for freedom as the American Revolution, abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement.

“All of these movements struck a moral chord with the American people. They all sought to overcome an injustice,” Koch told the crowd, according to reports. “We, too, are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back.”

Koch said that the country is currently on track to becoming a two-tiered society, with room only for the very rich and the very poor.

“Misguided policies are creating a permanent underclass, crippling our economy and corrupting the business community,” he said, adding, “present company excepted of course.”

According to the business magnate, big banks who have taken government bailouts and big businesses relying on corporate welfare from the government to pad bottom lines are part of a cycle of destruction which “goes on and on.”

Big business and the financial industry, Koch said, must make tough decisions today to stave off U.S. economic ruin in the future.

“Short term, taking the principled path [will] cause some companies some problems, as it will Koch industries,” Koch said. “But long term it will allow business people to continue to own and run their businesses.”

GOP presidential hopefuls, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, addressed the crowd at the Koch event.

Most gave heavily positive speeches and praised the donors for their contributions to the political system.

“I wish the whole world could see what goes on here,” Walker said during his speech.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was invited to speak at the conference but declined to attend.

Also noticeably absent from the event was current GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who was not invited to the Koch event, where donors discussed how they will spend $889 million on the 2016 presidential race.

The real estate tycoon didn’t seem to mind, offering via Twitter:

What should we do about our do-nothing Congress?

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on vacation sign hanging on Capitol HillRemember how excited conservatives were in November when Republicans won a majority in the Senate and expanded their majority in the House? “We’ve finally got the votes to get things passed!” was the jubilant cry.

I’m sorry to say it turned out we were just fooling ourselves. So far in the new Congress, conservatives haven’t won a single significant legislative victory. Reduce government spending? Balance the budget? Abolish Obamacare? Stop funding Planned Parenthood? Forget about it! The powers that be in Washington will make sure most of these will never even come to a vote, much less get passed.

Congress is about to head home for its summer recess. Yes, the lawmakers are taking a break from all of their legislative exertions during the first half of the year. As usual, as far as conservative were concerned, it was all talk, no action. During the past seven months, conservatives got a lot of the rhetoric, but saw virtually no legislative accomplishments.

And it doesn’t look like things will be any different when Congress’ vacation is over. Yes, there will be some huge issues on the agenda: the nuclear deal with Iran, funding for Planned Parenthood, raising the federal debt, the IRS attack on conservative organizations, the lies about Benghazi, the Hillary Clinton email scandal and much more.

Does anyone believe House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will lead the conservative fight on any of these? I don’t. We’ve been burned too many times in the past to believe they’ll represent our interests and desires now. Once again, it will be business as usual in our nation’s capital. Conservatives will get the rhetoric, but the left will get the appropriations.

The so-called leadership believes we will be so distracted by all of the hype and hoopla over the coming presidential election, most of us won’t even notice our failure to win any victories in Congress.

And you know what? They’re probably right.

Those gruesome videos confirmed our worst suspicions about Planned Parenthood. Yes, they are very careful about how they “crunch” aborted babies so they don’t damage the parts they want to sell.

I, for one, didn’t need to know this to believe that the federal government had no business giving Planned Parenthood some $528 million in taxpayer funds last year. Yes, I know the argument that none of this money was used directly to pay for the hundreds of thousands of abortions that Planned Parenthood performed last year.

Technically, that may be true. But so what? Does anyone doubt that it was this incredible cascade of taxpayer largesse that enabled Planned Parenthood to maintain its role as the No. 1 provider of baby parts?

If conservatives can’t win this battle, what can we win? I’m very much afraid that with this Congress and under its present leadership, the answer is nothing that really matters.

To say I’m disgusted would be an understatement. How about you?

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Gender confused? Ash Carter says join the military

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Posted on lips073115Have no fear, “gender confused” individual. The military is now the place for you.

So-called “transgender service members” can no longer be discharged from the military. Nor is transgender still a matter of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has put the hiatus on that practice effective July 13 (see the memo).


Now a “working group” is working on policy options for military men who want to be women and military women who want to be men.

Never mind the ridiculousness of such a notion. Men wearing women’s clothes and women wearing men’s clothes does not make them men or women. Men surgically and hormonally altered to appear as women are still men. And women surgically and hormonally altered to appear as men are still women. What it makes them is confused and mentally ill.

In 2009 The Atlantic gave us the story of Monica Helms, a member of the United States Submarine Veterans since 1980 who had joined under “her” original male name when all the submarine veterans were male. When “she” reapplied as Monica after changing into women’s clothes and beginning the process of “becoming physically female,” “she” was rejected at first, as “she” expected. After some wrangling with the national organization and some lobbying with members of the local, “she” was finally admitted.

The Atlantic then boldly tells us in the article, “U.S. Submarine Veterans is now a coed group, and Monica, 61, swells with pride when she says she was the first woman to join.”

No, “she” is not. And it is a false and misplaced pride.

DNC chairwoman struggles to explain the difference between being a Democrat and being a socialist

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Posted on DNC chairwoman struggles to explain the difference between being a Democrat and being a socialistThe chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was a deer in headlights during a recent TV interview, when her host stumped her by asking for an explanation of how Democrats and socialists differ.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chairwoman and the congresswoman representing Florida’s 23rd District, wasn’t at her finest when her normally sympathetic interviewer — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews — offered her the chance to restate her party’s principles.

Already flummoxed by Matthews’ insistence that she take a position on whether Bernie Sanders should figure prominently in the party’s debate schedule, Wasserman Schultz was blindsided when Matthews locked in on the Democrat-socialist distinction.

“What is the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?” Matthews asked flatly, attempting to force Wasserman Schultz into explaining the ideological distinction between the views of Hillary Clinton and those of Bernie Sanders. “I used to think there was a big difference, but what do you think it is?”

At first, Wasserman Schultz tried to laugh it off. Then she attempted to redirect the topic.

“The more important question is, ‘What’s the difference between being a Democrat and being a Republican?” she mustered.

But Matthews was stuck on the question.

“You’re chairman of the Democratic Party; tell me the difference between you and a socialist,” he demanded.

Wasserman Schultz wouldn’t answer. If you listen, you can hear Matthews’ off-camera laughter as she tries, yet again, to steer the conversation away from a question she either doesn’t know how to answer — or is afraid to answer in public.

How to choose clothing for your bug-out bag

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person wearing backpackOne of the great unknowns when it comes to preparing for an emergency is what time of the year it will occur. If we hunker down in order to deal with a crisis, this won’t matter as much, although we certainly hope our furnaces or air conditioners will continue working. But if we have to bug out, the particular season of the year might matter very much.

A disaster that causes us to leave our homes may result in having to spend a significant amount of time in the great outdoors until we are able to find our way to a reliable place of shelter. Depending on what part of the country in which we live and which season of the year it is, this could mean anything from sweltering heat to freezing cold. Per usual, the key is being prepared.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on clothing items that should be packed in a bug-out bag in anticipation of cold weather. It’s considerably easier to shed layers of clothing when the conditions are too warm than it is to find clothing that will keep you from freezing. And even in a desert it can get pretty cool at night, so bundling up will be the focal point here.

Let’s take a look at some of the clothing items you’ll want to include in your bug-out bag. You won’t have room for all of them, but by keeping some of them in your bag at all times and having others in your vehicle, you should be able to stay warm while you’re dealing with a bug-out situation.

Regular clothes

This might seem rather basic, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to pack in their bug-out bags extra sets of the clothes they wear on a day-to-day basis, including underwear, socks, jeans, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters.

Regardless of the weather conditions or whether you are inside or outside, if you have to bug out quickly from your home, you’re probably not going to be able to get back there right away. But you are going to want to change underwear and other clothes, so make sure you pack them.


Gym shoes — or do you say sneakers or tennis shoes? — are probably the most comfortable shoes you own, and they may be what you’re wearing when you have to leave your home in a hurry. But if you end up doing a lot of walking outdoors in a bug-out situation, you’re going to want some good, solid, waterproof hiking boots. Uneven terrain and wet conditions will make you wish you had them.

If you live in an area of the country that gets snow, you should also pack a pair of snowshoes. They will not only give you considerably better traction, but will also do a better job of keeping moisture away from your socks.


Speaking of socks, it’s very important to pack thick ones for warmth, comfort and health. With thin or worn socks, you’re more likely to experience cold and possibly frostbite, not to mention blisters. When it’s very cold, you can double up on socks.

Because you don’t know how soon you’ll be able to wash them, you should have at least four pairs of socks in your bug-out bag. Change them when they get wet from outside moisture or perspiration. If you are able to stop somewhere as you are escaping whatever caused you to bug out, try to dry any wet socks. Finally, you can use thick socks as mittens in an emergency.


Of course, the best way to keep your hands warm is with gloves. Pack at least one and preferably two pairs of heavy-duty, leather work gloves. One of the best types is rancher-style, fleece-lined leather gloves; but it can’t hurt to also have a pair of cloth gardening gloves. On really cold nights, you can wear one pair inside the other. Even if the weather is warmer, work gloves will help protect your hands from harm as you engage in various survival tasks in the outdoors.

Battle dress uniform

It might not hurt to have a military-wear, camouflage set of clothes you can wear outdoors during an emergency situation. These “hunting clothes” can be purchased through Sportsman’s Guide or Cheaper Than Dirt.

Coat and jacket

Just because you probably don’t have room for a winter coat with a warm hood in your bug-out bag, don’t fail to have one available for yourself. At the very least, keep one in your vehicle. It could mean the difference between being miserably cold and pleasingly warm.

In addition to a winter coat, pack a windbreaker. This will be a better choice when the weather is not exceptionally cold, and it should keep your upper torso dry if you’re caught out in the rain. In both cases, you might be able to use them as bedding in certain situations.


Among the hats you should pack in your bug-out bag is a ski mask, a heavy wool hat that pulls over your ears, a wide-brim hat to keep the sun off your face and a ball cap. That last one won’t keep you warm, but it could help to keep the sun out of your eyes on bright days. Plus, it looks cool.

Long underwear

Long thermal underwear can be a lifesaver in cold-weather bug-out experiences. It’s available at all sporting outlets. Because of the flexibility of “long johns,” you can shove them inside boots and other items in your bag to save space. Flannel pajamas could also work here, but they’re not as form fitting.


You wouldn’t forget to wear clothes when you go outside your home, so don’t neglect to pack many of these clothing items in your bug-out bag or vehicle. Staying warm when you’re bugging out is essential to your comfort and health.

–Frank Bates

Unbelievable; 3 British sailors survive Bismark direct hit on HMS Hood

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HMS Hood

The clip above is from the movie sink the Bismark when a shell from Bismark hit the HMS hoods magazine and the ship literally looked like it was vaporized.  I was curious to know if there were any survivors, you would think there would be none but there were three. Midshipman William Dundas, Able Seaman Bob Tiburn, and Ordinary Singleman Ted Briggs. This should be a lesson to all of us you never know when and how the end will come. This is a site dedicate to HMS Hood if anyone is curious.  Oh, and the ship was named afer First Viscount Samuel Hood. Oddly enough, Hood was stationed in New England North America as commander-in-Chief of his majesty’s ships on the New England station around the time of the American revolution.

Navy officer may be prosecuted for shooting Chattanooga jihadist

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First we stop watching the backs of our police officers and now we hang our servicemen out to dry to the crime of being loyal Americans.   Only in Obama’s America, heaven help up!   In Obama’s world terrorists life matters I guess…………………….CTP

Lt.-Cmdr.-Timothy-WhiteIf this happens, it will confirm that in Obama’s America, jihad terrorist lives matter. Those of their victims, not so much. “Revealed: Navy Officer Did Something Heroic During Chattanooga Shooting, But May Be PUNISHED For It,” by James Beattie, Western Journalism, July 22, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A Navy officer and Marine reportedly returned fire at the shooter who killed five service members in Chattanooga, Tenn., even though current policy does not permit military members to carry firearms on facilities such as those where the attack occurred.

Mohammod Abdulazeez was slain last Thursday after allegedly firing dozens of shots at two separate military facilities, including the Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga. The cold-blooded assault killed four Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist.

The center’s commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, used his personal firearm to engage the shooter during the attack, according to sources quoted in the Navy Times. A report from The Washington Post said that one of the Marines killed in the shooting might have been carrying a 9 mm Glock and possibly returned fire on Abdulazeez. The Navy officer could face disciplinary action for violating policy about possessing a weapon on the facility that was supposed a gun-free zone.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing, and authorities will not know if White or the Marine hit Abdulazeez until an autopsy and a ballistics report have been completed. The recruiting center, the other building at which the gunman fired, was reopened Monday….

Get a shirt and show your support for the Latin mass

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A group supporting the Latin mass just started a second printing of T shirts and are taking orders.   Here is the shirt and I just ordered one myself.  What a great way to show our unity for the Traditional Mass!


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