Detroit Reporter Tells Truth About Muslims in Michigan: Forced to Apologize

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May 9, 2015 – 7:44 am

A reporter for a Detroit TV station got in hot water earlier this week when she mentioned that, given the substantial Muslim population in the state, “it should not come as a real surprise” if there was a Michigan connection to Islamic State.

The reporter was roundly criticized. Not for stating the obvious, but because she said the words “Muslim” and “ISIS” in the same sentence.


During a Wednesday broadcast on NBC-affiliated WDIV-TV Local 4, anchor Carmen Harlan discussed a possible ISIS-connected threat in the state. “Given the fact that we have the largest Arab population outside of the Middle East, I guess this should not come as a real surprise,” she said.

Seeing as the state has a substantial Muslim population, several organizations spoke out against Harlan, calling upon her and the network to officially apologize, the Lebanese Examiner reported.

“This shocking lapse of professional conduct was directed against law-abiding citizens who strive to create vibrant, diverse communities wherever they live,” said Fatina Abdrabboh, director of the Michigan American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

“Comments like these are an example of racial profiling at its worst and Carmen Harlan should apologize immediately,” said Progress Michigan’s executive director Lonnie Scott.

Separately, the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC) said of Harlan’s comment: “As a reporter, she has a responsibility to remain objective in her reporting and not draw conclusions for her audience. We request that WDIV immediately address this racially charged comment.”

Harlan issed an apology on Thursday: “In no way did I mean to imply that because of our community’s make up, there was a higher risk of ISIS threats.”

(Video courtesy of Grabien)

Let’s put it this way: What are the odds that there isn’t an ISIS connection in Michigan? It’s a dog bites man story, and the reporter was simply stating the facts.

If you asked the FBI, they would no doubt confirm that they are watching several Muslims in the state, so perhaps the Islamic “civil rights” organizations can stop their laughable charges of “racial profiling” and start cooperating with authorities to root out the terrorists. (Islam is a religion, not a race, and to try to make it so is absurd.)

The reporter should not have apologized for reporting the obvious.

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Exposed for Potential Fraud

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From American prosperity news network

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 1.20.13 PMLike father like daughter.

While Al Sharpton has been in the news over the past few months for the multiple outstanding tax burdens he owes in the state of New York, his daughter is making headlines for other conspicuous (and unethical) reasons.

Dominique Sharpton recently sued the city of New York for $5 million dollars.

All because while crossing a busy New York street and stepping in a giant crack she said she sprained her ankle to such a degree it will now cause her permanent, life changing injury.

According to the suite she filed on April 29th, “She still sufferers and will continue to suffer for some time physical pain and bodily injuries.”

Reports indicated within just a few weeks of sustaining the injury she was already back on the streets in high heels.

To further complicate her claims of life-altering injury were the recent photos she posted to her Instagram account while celebrating her birthday in the tropical paradise of Bali.

Her claims have essentially been nullified after she posted a picture of her and a friend summiting a mountain in Bali.

On her Instagram post she wrote.

“We hiked UP the mountain, over the clouds… into the SUNRISE,” Dominique, 28, wrote in the May 16 post.

“One of the most beautiful sites ever. And YES I ALMOST DIED GETTING UP THERE LOL. #Balidays we made it, WHEW.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.58.33 PM

It makes you wonder how a woman who was all but disabled by a vicious crack in the street would manage such a physical feat.

As The New York Post writes:

What legal experts saw as truly unreal, however, is the younger Sharpton’s brazen boasting after she claimed in court papers that she was in “permanent physical pain.”

“It is starting to look like Tawana Brawley is orchestrating the Sharpton trial strategy,” quipped CNN legal analyst Paul Callan. “It graphically demonstrates bad judgment and good feet. It all adds up to no case.”

If anything it shows how utterly baseless her claims really are.

Her lawyer, John Elefterakis, said that even though she climbed the mountain, “Ms. Sharpton did sustain multiple ligament and tendon tears in her ankle” and added that, despite her mountain exploits, she “has not returned to her pre-accident form.”

For anyone with eyes to see Ms. Sharpton has only proven she and her father are one in the same.

Two people who are willing to gouge taxpayers for every penny they can, and doing so on completely baseless charges.

Will Christians be eradicated in Aleppo?

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May 20, 2015

A news report on how the suffering of Christians in the Syrian city of Aleppo continues to worsen.

Bishop Anthony Audo, a Jesuit and the Catholic Chaldean head of Aleppo, has been raising the alarm over the past two years about the ongoing war in Syria and its disastrous results for Christians. Aleppo is the second largest city of Syria in the north and was once a “stronghold of Christianity”, but due to continued bombardments, many Chaldean Catholics have fled the area.

Today’s conditions unchanged from yesterday’s

In early 2013, Bishop Audo wrote to Agenzia Fides (the Pontifical Mission Societies’ information service) to alert them of the dire living conditions in Aleppo:

One lives day by day. I have the impression that people are more and more exhausted. They have all become poor and everyone is always looking for something to eat for himself and his family. In the streets of Aleppo you can see the people that run endlessly with bags in their hand, trying to find a bit of bread…”[1]

Agenzia Fides further underscored the bishop’s statement:

This is the daily condition experienced by a city that was among the most prosperous and dynamic in the Middle East, and which now appears hopelessly scarred by the civil war.”[2]

Nearly a year later in March 2014, Bishop Audo wrote in Britain’s Telegraph that the health system in Syria had crumbled, with many doctors fleeing the country for fear of their lives, leaving residents with little medical help in crises.[3]

Despite that 2 years have passed since the Chaldean bishop’s first cited report, the tragic situation in Aleppo remains unchanged and the plight of the suffering Christians largely ignored by the international community.

In the meantime, Bishop Audo has continued to speak out and he recently emphasized that circumstances in Syria have not always been like this. For many years Syrians lived together as a country, as a civilization, and a culture without hate or violence. As he explains, most people of that country are not interested in sectarian divisions:

We just want to work and live as we did before the war, when people of all faiths co-existed peacefully. Syrian Christians may face great peril, but we have a crucial role to play in restoring peace.”[4]

Thus some Christians in Aleppo continue to hold out hope that the situation can be turned around. Nevertheless the bishop added:

I strongly fear as a bishop that Aleppo will be empty of Christians within a few months. They were 150,000 and perhaps two-thirds have left. There is no wish to stay, hope and resist.”[5]

Is this a deliberate campaign to cleanse the region of the Catholic religion?

In the same aforementioned year-ago report to The Telegraph, Bishop Audo reported:

Until the war began, Syria was one of the last remaining strongholds for Christianity in the Middle East. We have 45 churches in Aleppo. But now our faith is under mortal threat, in danger of being driven into extinction, the same pattern we have seen in neighboring Iraq.

Just recently to Agenzia Fides, Bishop Audo spoke at length about the political motivations of the war being waged by the rebels:

The impression is that that there is a strong propaganda and a psychological war against the [Syrian] government, directed notably on the international level, by means of a guided use of the media. They talk about an imminent attack on Aleppo and declare that the city is doomed. Perhaps they are preparing something.”[4]

The info agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies cited in its March 8, 2014 news title[5] Bishop Audo’s belief that there are those use the “dirty wars in the Middle East… [to] exploit the suffering of Christians” for their political agenda:

…three weeks ago heavy attacks were carried out by armed anti-government groups against targeted districts where Christian churches are concentrated and then also against Suleimanya district, home to many Christians. Perhaps the intention was just to impress international public opinion and justify military responses.

They have done everything to present this conflict as a religious clash between Christians and Muslims, or between Shiites and Sunnis. Of course, Christians are the most defenseless group, they have no weapons, they are afraid.

But certain slogans and certain driven interpretations only serve to hide the real reasons and the real dynamics of the war. There are those who want to divide the whole area into small sectarian entities, as they tried to do in Iraq, in order to continue to dominate everything.”[6]

Bishop Audo stated even more clearly that the bombardments were directed by the rebels towards the Christian quarters as: “very clear messages to rid Aleppo of the Christian, as has happened especially at Mosul in Iraq last year with the Islamic State.”

Is a political solution to end the conflict in sight?

The armed groups are stronger” affirms the bishop who also deplored that:

For several weeks, I have the impression that they are leaning towards rejection of a political solution…

I believe that, on the spot, it is Turkey which gathers all these armed groups, Saudi Arabia and Qatar finance them for a very specific purpose, that is to say, for the Sunnite power in the region…

The disappearance of the Christian presence interests mostly Saudi Arabia and Turkey than the presence of active Christians who had a rather secular vision of a modern State…

The Christians of Aleppo spontaneously turn towards the pope and the Vatican. The pope was able to work out a reconciliation in Cuba. So why not a solution for Syria?”[7]

Issued a citation and fined for praying rosary in Public

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By Tridentine Catholic

As I mentioned before, for the past year I have been combining my daily exercise, walking, and my spiritual exercise, praying the rosary every morning rain or shine for the past year now.

I have had people smile and say good morning while others, the Muslims preferred to ignore my presence or look scornfully at me all together as I passed them with my industrial size rosary. This morning was a very new and unexpected experience. In the middle of my walk a city squad car pulled up along side of me, rolled down their window and said, “Sir, do you have a moment”. You can’t really say no to the police so I walked over to the squad car and said, “Yes”. The officer told me I would have to put my rosary away and could not recite it in public. I said, “WHAT!’. He said, “Sir, if you do not put that away, I will have to site you for hate speech and you will have to appear in court where you will be fined if found guilty”. I asked who launched the complaint and was told by the officer that it was a few Muslim residents who found my passing their house with the rosary, specifically the large crucifix exposed that they found extremely offensive and considered it hate speech. I said, “Officer I can not betray my religion, the rosary stays out”. With that my rosary was taken away, I was handcuffed placed in the back of the squad car and driven to the police station where I was booked and am now currently out on bond awaiting a June 4th court date.

Now before anyone is driven to the sin of anger of course this is just a story I made up to illustrate a point. The events did not happen, pray God, but that does not mean they won’t in the future. If they can attack a small pizza parlor in Indiana for holding to their religious beliefs why can’t the ever growing Islamic population impose their personal gripes on everyone else as well. If you ever saw the cold shoulder and dagger like stares I get when passing one of the members of the religion of peace with rosary exposed you would know too its only a matter of time. Creeping Sharia is well underway to achieving that goal. If they can stop you from saying the rosary in public because it offends Mohammad, then why not stop people from putting out religious statues in front of their house. You can fly a Nazi flag out front (after all the Nazi’s and the Islamics both have the same anti Semitic goals), but it’s a major offense to have a statue of the blessed virgin in front of your house. While we’re at it, those crosses on the churches have to go too. You have a great rib recipe for the great bar-b-que cook off. Too bad, Muslims don’t eat or touch pork so that means no pork for you as well. Barney Franks better watch out as well so as not to be thrown off the top of the Empire state building along with Elton John.

If it’s not evident by now it should be. Islam does not and WILL not bend and adapt to society, lets say a civilized society. They are like the socialists currently running the country. They will keep chipping away and chipping away until they finally got you where they want you as you watch your constitutional rights dissolve away.

As the Spirit in Charles Dickens Christmas carol was asked, “Tell me spirit, are these things that are to be or things that might be?”. That is our future as Americans in a nut shell. Only you can be the judge of that. If people continue to knuckle under to Islam and cower in fear than my story is something that will be. If people start to fight the Islamification of American that it is something that might be. I am afraid right now the Islam express has been given a clear track by the media and government. Our only hope is if it has an Amtrak engineer as it takes the turn.

AFDI Rolls Out New Free Speech Ad Campaign Featuring Muhammad Cartoon

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Pam Geller has more courage in her little pinky finger nail that the entire congress of the United States and the entire lame stream media put together. While congress and the media are on their knees in front of the son’s of Allah, Pam is doing something about this crap putting her own personal safety in great jeopardy.

This was the cartoon that caused the whole brew ha ha in Texas. It was pretty mild stuff to turn a Texas mall into a shooting gallery courtesy of your local Texas Islamic sleeper cell (Thank you NSA for doing your job like a true government worker, little if any interest, intelligence or dedication.). This exposed the mindset of Islam for what it really is, a bunch of pubescent, spoiled, eight year olds who pout and stomp their feet if they can’t get their own way.

If your sick of all this Islamic crap and want to do anything about it, consider making a contribution to Pam’s AFDI, I did. It’s tax deductible and this is one way you can vote with your wallet telling government and media you’ve had more than enough. Information on where you can send your donations is at the end of the article. Fellow Infidels unite! Before its too late, the clock is already 10 minutes before midnight!……………….H.C.
May 20, 2014

AFDI Rolls Out New Free Speech Ad Campaign Featuring Muhammad Cartoon

NEW YORK, May 20, 2015: Because freedom of speech is under violent assault, the human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has announced a new ad campaign to defend the freedom of speech and stand up to violent intimidation kicking off in the nation’s capital.

AFDI President Pamela Geller said in a statement: “Because the media and the cultural and political elites continue to self-enforce the Sharia without the consent of the American people by refusing to show any depictions of Muhammad or showing what it was in Texas that had jihadists opening fire, we are running an ad featuring the winning cartoon by former Muslim Bosch Fawstin from our Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas.”

Let the American people see what the cowardly press is censoring in accordance with the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law).

The ad campaign has been submitted to the Washington DC MTA to run on buses and train dioramas in the Foggy Bottom, Capitol South, Bethesda, L’Enfant Plaza, Shady Grove stations.


“Drawing Muhammad is not illegal under American law, but only under Islamic law. Violence that arises over the cartoons is solely the responsibility of the Islamic jihadists who perpetrate it. Either America will stand now against attempts to suppress the freedom of speech by violence, or will submit and give the violent the signal that we can be silenced by threats and murder.”

“We cannot submit to the assassin’s veto.”

It was the jihadis, not I, who made the cartoons a flash point. If we surrender on that point and stop drawing Muhammad, we’ve established a precedent of surrendering to violent Sharia enforcement, and once established, we will be made to reinforce it again and again. Islamic government are a unique threat to free speech and liberty

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced.

Putting up with being offended is essential in a pluralistic society in which people differ on basic truths. If a group will not bear being offended without resorting to violence, that group will rule unopposed while everyone else lives in fear, while other groups curtail their activities to appease the violent group. This results in the violent group being able to tyrannize the others.

Geller added: “There is nothing about this cartoon that incites violence. It is within the established American tradition of satire. If America surrenders on this point, the freedom of speech is a relic of history.”

The ads have been submitted to run on buses in Washington, D.C.

AFDI stands for:
• The freedom of speech – as opposed to Islamic prohibitions of “blasphemy” and “slander,” which are used effectively to quash honest discussion of jihad and Islamic supremacism;
• The freedom of conscience – as opposed to the Islamic death penalty for apostasy;
• The equality of rights of all people before the law – as opposed to Sharia’s institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims.

Help us make it happen. Donate to the ad campaign here.

Or send your tax deductible contribution to


Attention: Pamela Geller

1040 1st Avenue


NY NY 10022

AFDI free speech bus




1040 1st Avenue #121

New York , NY 10022

Your gift is tax deductible.


Obama’s New Law Puts Police Lives in Danger

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Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 2.03.38 PMWhat is he up to?

Just a few weeks after the Baltimore riots saw gang members calling for hits on police…and only a few months after the riots in Ferguson, Obama is now working to keep certain kinds of weapons out of the hands of police.

Thus putting their lives in grave danger.

The White House recently announced it would work to prohibit police forces from using some military-stye equipment to fight crime.

Obama and his administration claim the potential for abuse is too high, and in order to promote trust in local police forces devices like armored tanks and machine guns should be kept away from local police departments.
While there is zero doubt the growth of the police state has surged under Obama, you can be sure what was just happened is not in the best interests of the average American.

In fact, this plan is entirely for Obama’s favorite demographic here in the U.S.


Essentially because minorities acted out against the police, they can now expect to do battle against a far less formidable adversary.

That means while these communities will continue to stock up on certain kinds of weapons, the police will be left with little to defend themselves.

The Blaze writes…

The White House said that effective immediately, the federal government will no longer fund or provide armored vehicles that run on a tracked system instead of wheels, weaponized aircraft or vehicles, firearms or ammunition of .50-caliber or higher, grenade launchers, bayonets or camouflage uniforms. The federal government also is exploring ways to recall prohibited equipment already distributed.

In addition, a longer list of equipment the federal government provides will come under tighter control, including wheeled armored vehicles like Humvees, manned aircraft, drones, specialized firearms, explosives, battering rams and riot batons, helmets and shields.

Starting in October, police will have to get approval from their city council, mayor or some other local governing body to obtain it, provide a persuasive explanation of why it is needed and have more training and data collection on the use of the equipment

Much of this equipment is absolutely essential for keeping police safe.

The other interesting part in all of this is how not a penny will be cut from the budgets of five federal agencies who spent an estimated $18 billion dollars giving them access to “92,442 small arms, 44,275 night-vision devices, 5,235 Humvees, 617 mine-resistant vehicles and 616 aircraft.”

This gives the federal government a unique advantage over local law enforcement, all while compromising the ability of police to fight crime.

And what of the majority of Americans who don’t trust the federal government?

Will Obama be working to help restore the trust between Americans and the government by reducing the total amount of military equipment the possess?


If anything this is one more reason not to trust Obama.

Everything he does is to grow the scope of the federal government, while limiting freedoms at the local level.

It’s terrifying, and it must be stopped.

Newsbusted – Latest 4 episodes

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American Patriots make motorcycle road trip to Dearbornistan

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Most Americans this past week were still hiding under their beds chastising Pam Geller for making “those nice Muslims mad”. In retaliation those, “nice Muslims” open fire on a mall full of innocent people but somehow it was all Pam’s fault. How dare she act like an American and exercise her first amendment rights.

During the American revolution the nations mindset was, “Give me liberty or give me death”. Most Americans don’t see it that way anymore. They live in a world of selfishness and fear with the new battle cry of, “Please, please don’t make the Muslims mad, they might hurt me!!!”. Guess what dude. They WILL hurt you no matter what you do, its just a matter of time.

joedear Two American patriots at Dearbornistan.

While the rest of us were hiding in our closets two real patriots from Illinois, military vets in fact,  hopped on their Harley’s and with American and Christian flags flying set out for the Islamic center in Dearbornstan Michigan to help educate our Islamic would be conquerors by passing out first amendment leaflets. Naturally the educational gestures of the “infidels” were not appreciated and they were told to leave. I wonder when the rest of us will be asked to leave our own country. Of course that will never happen, you know the Koran, convert or die, which by the way is followed by both so called radicals, and sleeper cell, oops, I mean peaceful (ya right!) Muslims alike.

If the rest of us, myself included, had only 5% of the courage these two motorcycle patriots had we just might be able to stem the Muslim take over of our nation which is well underway, let alone throw our Socialist handlers out into the street.

The rider describes the tour at 1:16:45 on the following podcast

Report says ATF should be disbanded

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atf agent and dogMILWAUKEE (TNS) — The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, charged with enforcing the nation’s gun laws and regulating the firearms industry, has been so hobbled by high-profile operational failures, internal dysfunction and external limits on its authority that the agency should be eliminated and merged into the FBI, a new report concludes.

The report, by the left-leaning Center for American Progress, comes in the wake of a bill by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) that seeks to dissolve the agency and move its law enforcement and gun industry regulatory functions into the FBI and other agencies.

The bill and the report are the latest in a series of efforts, from both sides of the political spectrum and even by veterans of the ATF, to reform or eliminate the agency. In July, a Government Accountability Office report on the ATF described an agency trying to redefine itself while struggling with high personnel turnover and internal problems.

The think tank’s 180-page report, being released Tuesday, traces the agency from its origins as a tax collection agency to the present, as it again finds itself with no director and beset by problems.

The report’s authors interviewed more than 50 current and former ATF personnel, and retired Supervisory Special Agent Mark D. Jones advised the authors. The report’s argument boils down to this: The vital job of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals is too important to leave to a weakened, embattled agency like the ATF.

“ATF, as it currently exists, suffers from substantial weakness that compromises its ability to effectively combat gun crime and regulate the firearms industry, and a new director or piecemeal changes cannot fully solve these problems,” the report concludes. “It is time to consider a major reboot of how these issues are addressed at the federal level and for an overhaul of the federal law enforcement agencies responsible for doing so.”

The report details several embarrassing episodes, including Operation Fast and Furious, where agents watched as thousands of guns passed into criminals’ hands and wound up at crime scenes in Mexico. It also examined problematic undercover storefront operations, which were the subject of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “Backfire” investigation.

In the Milwaukee operation, agents lost guns, used a mentally disabled man as a source and arrested some of the wrong people — problems, the Journal Sentinel found, that were repeated across the nation.

Sensenbrenner’s office said the congressman continues to support dissolving the ATF, calling it a “duplicative, scandal-ridden agency that lacks a clear mission.”

ATF officials did not return calls and emails seeking comment.

A statement from the Department of Justice, which oversees the agency, said the department “supports ATF in its current form and believes Congress should fully fund the president’s budget request that will enhance ATF’s ability to carry out their important mission.”

The report’s proposal to fold the ATF into the FBI differs in at least one significant way from Sensenbrenner’s bill.

Sensenbrenner’s proposal would keep the prohibition against the ATF publicly sharing data about how many crime guns are sold by gun dealers. The new report says those limits hinder law enforcement’s ability to enforce gun laws. Gun rights groups have pushed hard to get those limits and keep them in place.

An earlier Journal Sentinel investigation revealed how those and other special rules created by Congress protected corrupt crime gun dealers and allowed them to escape ATF punishment by shifting its ownership.

Gun control and gun rights groups both came out against Sensenbrenner’s proposal last year. The National Rifle Association didn’t have a comment on Sensenbrenner’s bill last year, but the NRA made it clear recently that the group is against dissolving the ATF. Jennifer Baker, an NRA spokeswoman, said the problem with the ATF is not where it is located.

“The Obama administration has only contributed to ATF’s dysfunction by politicizing the agency to advance its gun control agenda,” she said. “No matter where the ATF is located, nothing will change until we get a president who respects the 2nd Amendment.”

Gun control groups and a gun rights group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, opposed Sensenbrenner’s bill, saying Director B. Todd Jones should have a chance to make changes. Jones, the first confirmed ATF director in seven years, resigned earlier this year and the ATF is back to having an acting director. No one has been nominated to replace Jones.

On Monday, Larry Keane, senior vice president of the foundation, said moving the ATF into the FBI would create problems.

“ATF has regulated the firearms industry for decades,” he said. “It would be very disruptive and costly to our industry to have to begin dealing with a new, unfamiliar regulatory agency.”

Arkadi Gerney, senior vice president at the Center for American Progress, which produced the report, said gun rights groups want to keep a weakened ATF.

“They like someone they can kick around and an FBI director with a 10-year term is not something they want to deal with,” Gerney said.

The new report calls the agency an “accident of history.”

What started as a Civil War-era taxing agency grew into a law enforcement agency that still has regulatory responsibilities. Because of the way the agency grew, it has struggled to define its mission and implement controls on its operations, the report said. In the meantime, the important mission of curtailing the flow of illegal guns is going unfulfilled.

The report recommends making the ATF a branch inside the FBI. It recommends putting gun store inspections in the FBI, noting that the bureau already runs background checks on gun purchases.

The ATF has more than 4,700 employees and a budget of just over $1 billion. The center’s report estimates folding the ATF into the FBI would provide a 10-year savings of $411 million, assuming no layoffs or job elimination.

The new report says the ATF’s morale has fallen. A decade ago, the ATF ranked eighth out of 200 federal workplaces. Last year, it was 279th out of 314, the report found. Jones himself called it “an agency in distress” when he took over.

“These problems and the culture that underlies them have developed over decades,” the report said. “It may be beyond the capability of even an exceptionally qualified director to fix some of them.”

The ATF has been on the chopping block before. It was considered for elimination during President Ronald Reagan’s term, but was saved, in part, because gun rights groups didn’t want its duties moving to another agency.

Under the Clinton administration, a group studying how to cut government waste suggested folding the ATF’s law enforcement activities into existing Justice Department agencies and putting the agency’s regulatory and revenue functions under the Internal Revenue Service. It also suggested folding the Drug Enforcement Administration into the FBI.

The idea of eliminating the ATF was proposed in 1993 by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) after the siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, where four agents and 82 members of the sect died. A year earlier, the agency — along with the FBI and U.S. marshals — was involved with the deadly standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

A decade later, the ATF moved from the Treasury Department into the Justice Department. Around that time, a group studying federal law enforcement found that the ATF’s missions to collect taxes and regulate private industry “did not contribute to effective enforcement of the nation’s gun and explosives laws.”

“ATF lacks a clear mission and sense of purpose because of the clash of disparate jurisdictional responsibilities,” said the report by the Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement. “This small agency has for more than 30 years attempted to reconcile the irreconcilable. … The task of enforcing firearms and explosives laws can best be carried out in the FBI.”

–John Diedrich
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

D.C.’s new concealed carry law just as unconstitutional as the old one, according to federal judge

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concealed carryA federal judge has barred the District of Columbia from going forward with a concealed carry permitting ordinance intended to replace an earlier ordinance that had been declared unconstitutional as well.

Judge Frederick J. Scullin’s Monday order found the city’s new law unconstitutional on the grounds that it places too heavy a burden on would-be concealed carry holders to demonstrate to local police that they have a “good reason” for owning a handgun.

Scullin had found the city’s older ordinance unconstitutional because it banned residents from any means of obtaining concealed carry permits.

A handful of applicants under the new ordinance filed a lawsuit against the city after discovering how onerous — to the point of exclusion — the new burden of proof, under the new ordinance, actually is. Not long after that suit had been filed, the city dropped its appeal of the earlier ruling — an appeal to reinstitute the old ordinance’s outright ban on handguns.

In this week’s ruling, Scullin told the city to go back to the drawing board to come up with a way for law-abiding citizens to obtain the handguns covered by the ordinance.

“[F]or all intents and purposes, this requirement makes it impossible for the overwhelming majority of law-abiding citizens to obtain licenses to carry handguns in public for self-defense, thereby depriving them of their Second Amendment right to bear arms,” Scullin stated.

Scullin has ordered a July 7 meeting between both sides in the case to come up with an “expedited schedule” to put the matter to rest. City attorneys have hinted that they may appeal Scullin’s preliminary injunction, which forbids the city from invoking the “good reason” provision in its current ordinance as it processes concealed carry permit applications.

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