24 states urge Supreme Court to take up assault rifle ban case

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I live in Illinois and you should see what we legal and law abiding gun owners have to go thru to own a gun, buy a gun, and get a concealed carry permit.  Yet the city of Chicago thinks they have to take it one more step towards the absurd.  The fools don’t realize that all they are accomplishing is to take the guns out of the hands of the good guys.  The criminals will always get guns no matter how many laws they pass…………….CTP

24 States urge Supreme Court to take up assault rifle ban case

Just shy of half the attorneys general across the country signed on to support a challenge to an Illinois city’s arbitrary ban on certain guns.

The states, in an amicus brief led by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, questions whether a municipal ban on possession of some of the weapons most commonly used for lawful purposes violates the Second Amendment.

The vehicle for the challenge involves the case of gun owner Arie Friedman filed against the Chicago suburb of Highland Park.

Backed by Illinois State Rifle Association and a number of firearms manufacturers and trade groups, Friedman sought to take the city to task for its 2013 ban on what it defines to be assault rifles to include common AR-15s, and magazines that hold more than 10 cartridges.

Friedman lost his claim to own now-prohibited guns and magazines in violation of the city’s ordinance to a lower court and appealed to the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals last year.

In April, that three-judge panel, staffed by a trio of appointments by President Ronald Reagan, sided with the city and supporting gun control groups such as the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in upholding the previous ruling by a 2-1 vote.

In that ruling, Circuit Judge Frank H. Easterbrook wrote for the majority that assault weapon bans such as the one challenged are valid as long as they “make the public feel safer.”

The AGs argue that the circuit court has gone too far and that they expressly refused to submit to the landmark Heller precedent citing the Constitution grants an individual right to self-defense that extends to weapons in common use, and as such, “[S]hould grant certiorari, reverse the Seventh Circuit, and send a clear message to lower federal courts that the principles in Heller must be faithfully applied.”

The National Rifle Association agrees and last week filed their own brief in addition to the one from the 24 AGs. Second Amendment scholars are also following the outcome of the challenge closely.

“This is a very important case,” UCLA constitutional law Professor Adam Winkler told Guns.com Thursday. “The Supreme Court has left open so many questions about the scope of the Second Amendment, including what types of weapons should be considered in ‘common use.’ Does that mean that the guns are commonplace or that they are commonly used for core Second Amendment purposes, like self-defense?”

Winker contends that should the high court agree to hear arguments, a decision could be far reaching in today’s digital age. “How the Court rules here – if the Court takes the case – will impact laws regulating magazine bans, 3-D-printed guns, and other efforts to single out certain firearms for bans,” he said.

However, Winkler warns that there is a lot at stake should the justices, in the end, agree with the lower courts.

“This appeal is high-risk for gun enthusiasts. The Court may well say, like so many of the other federal and state courts that have addressed restrictions on military-style firearms, that these bans are constitutionally permissible. That would encourage other states to ban these firearms and possibly lead to a new round of gun control laws,” Winkler said.

Attorneys for Highland Park will now have an opportunity to respond, and then the Supreme Court will consider whether it will hear the case.

If you applaud the Kentucky clerk’s incarceration, you applaud your own slavery

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Posted on Kim Davis


Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk Kim Davis was led away to the hoosegow yesterday, charged with contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses despite a federal court’s ruling that she must.

The judge, David Bunning, son of former GOP senator and baseball great Jim Bunning (and nominated to the bench by “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush), made it clear he was making an example of Davis, saying that allowing her to defy the order would create a “ripple effect.” Yes, the state wants no “ripples” to its authority. Bunning also warned other Kentucky clerks with the temerity to stand up to Big Brother that they would share Davis’ fate should they go there.

So Davis is to remain locked up until she complies with his previous order to provide paperwork to all couples, though how that can be accomplished while she’s incarcerated is anybody’s guess.

Davis claimed her religious conscience would not allow her to issue licenses to gay couples, so she stopped issuing them to all. Kentucky law requires county clerks to issue licenses. It was on the basis of this law that Bunning made his contempt ruling.

Religious issues aside, Bunning’s decision demonstrates that the rule of law is a farce in America. The “law” is only what the black robes and the elites want it to be (hence, President Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, drug laws in some states, gun running laws, etc.). In holding Davis to one law, Bunning conveniently overlooked the fact that Kentucky law, passed as a constitutional amendment by a majority of Kentuckians in 2004, forbids same-sex marriage and prohibits same-sex couples from attaining any other form of legal status.

So we see that laws approved by the people and/or passed by their representatives are not law at all. Only five black robes now can  create or determine “law.”

Davis was actually upholding Kentucky law when she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. No law has been passed in Kentucky or by Congress (not that Congress has that authority) to change that.

The Supreme Court is not Congress, and only the legislatures of the several states or Congress are empowered under the Constitution to make law. The Supreme Court, under Article III, has only the power to settle controversies arising under the Constitution or between the states involving that legislature or the Constitution. It has not the power to write new law, nor is the issue of marriage under federal purview, according to the Constitution.

But because five unelected Ivy League-educated satanists wearing black robes want to sanction perversion, the will of tens of thousands of Kentuckians and millions of Americans has been overturned. If this is true, SCOTUS can strike down any and every law and there is no recourse to stop it. Find me that in the Constitution.

Leftists and libertarians regularly applaud those who stand up to the state on issues like sanctuary cities, drug laws, laws against selling or transporting raw milk, etc. And only radical segregationists called for Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights activists to be jailed for ignoring discrimination laws. But on the other hand, most of those same people cheered yesterday as a judge slapped chains on someone many of them derided as a “Christian hypocrite” for daring to stand up for her religious liberty and for the real rule of law. Those of you applauding Bunning’s decision are applauding your own slavery, and you’re either too stupid or too blinded by your bigotry to see it.

Federalism is dead. Little “R” republicanism — as guaranteed under Article IV, Section 4 — is dead (does anyone even know what that means anymore?). The Constitution is dead. The rule of law is dead. Religious liberty is dead. The U.S. is now a nation lorded over by five black robes.

Congratulations. Idiocracy rules supreme. The dumbing down of America is complete.

The Politically displaced person (P.D.P.)

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By The Catholic Tea Party

I used to think I was a conservative, but since I support Trump the High Priests of Conservatism, the like of George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and Bret Stephens have banned me from their Conservative Temple. Eric Erickson might see me in the street and run screaming, ‘UNCLEAN!”

I thought I was a good little conservative, I followed all the rules. I know I am not a liberal, that very word has me reaching for the barf bag. Not moderate either, I can’t stand boredom. What did our Lord say, if you are lukewarm I will spit you out?

Could I claim a political party? I doubt that! I am not a Communist or Marxist so that leaves the Democrat party out. I like the idea of human beings having a spine so nix the Republicans as well. So I am a Politically displaced person. I fell like I should be standing at Ellis Island with a sign around my neck, P.D.P. (Politically displaced person).

I wonder if the founding fathers had these same problems? I guess not, they were probably too busy worrying about the new nation. To busy being Americans. Hey wait a minute! That’s me! I care about this country too! So does the Donald for that matter and that is why I like him. If you look at it the founding fathers were a lot like Trump. They ruffled a lot of political feathers and backed their words up with actions just like the Donald. To be honest I think if George Will and the rest of the Toffee nose conservative set were alive in 1776 they would be working under the union jack. Oh, those tea party guys are just too radical for us. We need to work within the system to get King George to see it our way. Good luck with that.

Here I sit a political exile, well maybe not, according to the polls for Trump there looks to be a lot of us out there. So like maybe we CAN make America great again. Hmmm, I remember reading that somewhere. Now where do I get that political green card?

Trump, his supporters, and GOP name calling

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Toffee nose conservative pundits now attack Trump supporters.

So now we come to the name calling

By The Catholic Tea Party

The so called conservative pundits, you know the type, those dry, toffee nose, mummified pompous hyena’s, with their noses in the air so high they would drown in a drizzle, are upset because Trump continues to rise in the polls and are attempting a new strategy. If you can’t get anywhere attacking the candidate then attack the supporters. Bret Stephens of the Wall street journal is one such haute conservative. Here is what he writes.

“If you have reached physical maturity and still chuckle at Mr. Trump’s pubescent jokes about Rosie O’Donnell or Heidi Klum, you will never reach mental maturity. If you watched Mr. Trump mock fellow candidate Lindsey Graham’s low poll numbers and didn’t cringe at the lack of class, you are incapable of class. If you think we need to build new airports in Queens the way they build them in Qatar, you should be sent to join the millions of forced laborers who do construction in the Persian Gulf. It would serve you right.

I also received such rhetoric in an email I got from a similar conservative chastising me for my support of the Donald. At least the tone of it was chastisement, the problem was he used too many fancy words I could not understand half of them. That kind of defeats the purpose of a stern, chastising email doesn’t it? Now Poopy pants I could understand.  This is probably why I like Trump, he speaks plain English!

Now I wonder if I am a conservative, or if I want to even be one anymore if this is the way they are going to act. Here is how I stand on the issues, you tell me if I am a conservative or not.

Pro-life; I think life begins at conception. I don’t think anyone other than the creator can decide who lives and who dies even in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. A life is a life, how do you choose? I let God worry about that, he plans to be up all night anyway.

Marriage: God said to procreate. Only Adam and Eve can procreate, not Adam and Steve or Cathy and Maureen. I don’t think Lot found it overly exciting to be married to a pillar of salt. As far as Homosexuals go, hate the sin but love the sinner.

The Second amendment: I am a gun owner, and hold a concealed carry license so you tell me!

Taxes: Two words, Fair Tax (or maybe its three words, I will have to ask Biden)

Government Intervention: Protect me from other nations with a strong military, give me policemen to patrol my streets, and by the way please back them up in their decisions for a change, and plow my streets. Let me worry about the environment, or the way I take care of my personnel health.

Whether or not this makes me a conservative you be the judge. In either case I will still support Donald Trump. Why? Because he makes me feel good to be an American again, he gives me pride, he gives me hope. I know he is not a conservative and I could care less. I know he is not a liberal and that he loves this country. That’s all I need to know.

The Republican establishment allied with these mummified conservative pundits are getting ready to attack the Donald again after labor day. I doubt that the mud slinging will work much. Every time they try, Trump goes up in the polls. This could very well be the battle of the bulge politically, the last chance for the GOP to discredit Trump. Only in this case I hope and pray the GOP plays the part of the Germans.

The main reason I kept going back and forth on this was because I kept being influenced by conservative friends.  They are ALL good people every one but in a decision like this if you don’t come to a conclusion on your own accord you will forever have second doubts about that conclusion.  Like I said before, one must always listen to the gut, and once again the Gut says Trump.  Bottom line is, I believe what I believe and I have no intention of changing.  If this makes me a conservative, than so be it.  If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

Donald Trump is the next president of TMZ Nation

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Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. Donald Trump is calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo.” He’s calling Anthony Weiner a “perv.” Who’s next on Trump’s hit list? Everyone wants to know. Trump is like the old E.F. Hutton commercial: When he speaks, everyone listens. Brilliant. 

In my latest book, “The Power of Relentless,” I wrote about the importance of celebrity branding. The only presidential candidate who understands celebrity branding is Trump. He is, in a word, relentless. He relentlessly brands himself 24/7. He relentlessly attacks 24/7. He relentlessly sells 24/7. He relentlessly pitches 24/7. And he does it all with relentless chutzpah. Brilliant. Trump is well on his way to becoming president of this country.

Like it or not, the reality is America is no longer the U.S.A. We are actually now TMZ — as in TMZ.com, the popular celebrity gossip website, and TMZ on TV, the nationally syndicated TV show. We are a nation that idolizes celebrity. We’re one big reality show. That’s how Barack Obama got elected — twice. He wasn’t elected for his policies. Most of his supporters don’t even know his policies. Obama’s supporters elected the “American Idol.” Obama was famous and exciting. That’s what people want in a candidate. That’s the reality of America today. I deal in reality. All smart businessmen deal in reality. So rather than argue, I say let’s give it to them.

Trump is our celebrity. Trump is our Obama. Trump is the “American Idol” of the GOP.

And Trump understands how to win over average American voters to his side: by picking fights with celebrities and by saying controversial things that grab media headlines. This is all part of a plan.

Pick a fight with a media elephant, create controversy, create headlines, get people talking and tweeting. Pick a fight with Univision and NBC. Pick a fight with Rosie O’Donnell. Pick a fight with John McCain. Pick a fight with Kelly and Fox News. Pick a fight with Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and Weiner. Trump makes headlines by picking fights with celebrities and saying the very things we all whisper about at the water cooler (but would never dare say out loud), thereby making himself more famous every day. Controversy sells. Trump and his fights are all we talk about. Brilliant.

Trump gets it. The other candidates don’t. “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Trump has sucked all the oil and oxygen out of the race. By appealing to the TMZ Nation, he has made us into “Trump Nation.” It’s Trump Channel all day, 24 hours a day, on every channel on the dial. Or haven’t you seen Trump’s last two rallies carried live in their entirety on CNN?

Some dummy, huh? I’ll bet Jeb Bush and Scott Walker wish they could be as dumb as Trump.

Trump’s running media battles with Kelly and Fox News — and more recently Clinton and her top aide, Abedin — are carbon copies of the running media battles between Muhammad Ali and Joe and between George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin. Everyone involved got rich and famous.

Trump (like Ali and Steinbrenner) understands that controversy sells. Outrageous sells. People love a good soap opera. It takes their minds off the tragic Obama economy. It would be a dull summer without Trump calling Kelly a “bimbo” and Weiner a “perv.” Instead, we are all entertained. It’s time to watch Trump on TV. Pass the popcorn!

And the other GOP candidates who are horrified at this kind of behavior, who think politics is serious, who can’t name a celebrity, who live to never offend anyone, who want to be loved and not controversial, who think it pays to be nice and polite and gentlemanly … where are they? Bush? Who’s that? Walker? Who’s that? Trump is like David Copperfield. He makes his competition disappear.

Trump has turned politics into a real-life reality show. He’s Ronald Reagan, Obama, Tiger Woods and Kim Kardashian rolled into one. And throw in Caitlyn Jenner for good measure. Some old-school conservatives are horrified about that idea. But they don’t understand America. They’ve never read People magazine. They’ve never watched TMZ. They’re dinosaurs.

Love Trump or hate him, you’re dying to see the show! Everyone wants in. Everyone is listening. Everyone is watching. Everyone is talking about it.

It’s like Trump is reading from the pages of my book. He’s the prototype for the exact kind of candidate that I think wins elections in today’s America. Here are the principles and attributes that I believe lead to success:

  • Relentless energy
  • Relentless enthusiasm
  • Relentless chutzpah (audacity)
  • Relentless offense (always set the agenda; always play offense)
  • Relentless salesmanship (If you aren’t selling, you aren’t winning.)
  • Relentless boldness
  • Relentless risk-taking
  • And relentless pitching, instead of bitching. Success is about pitching your cause 24/7/365.
  • But the most important rule is relentless celebrity branding. Success is about making you, your company or your product a star. Without a “brand” in this TMZ Nation, you’ve got nothing.

Trump gets the check on every box. Trump gets it. Trump excels at it. Trump wrote the damn book! As Charlie Sheen would say: “Trump is winning!” So pass the popcorn and start practicing the words “President Donald Trump.”

Now one new bit of gossip to pass along. I keep hearing about this news from my sources high up in the GOP. I hear Mitt Romney is about to enter the race. Yes, I said Romney. The GOP establishment is panicked and desperate to stop Trump. He is a runaway freight train. They now realize no one in the current field can stop Trump. Just as I’ve predicted for months, Bush is dead as a doornail. Even with $120 million raised, Bush is dead — for good reason. Bush is so boring he makes people in a coma look exciting.

So the GOP establishment desperately needs a new candidate. Enter Romney. That’s what I hear. I hear they are begging him to get in the race. They think his star power as the last nominee will match Trump’s star power. And Romney becomes the reasonable “adult alternative” to Trump: another celebrity business mogul — but without the offensive statements, or the bluster, or the bankruptcies.

But it won’t work. You know what you get without all the bluster and offensive statements? A loser. A boring loser. Sorry, Mitt. We tried it your way once before. Without personality, you can’t win the presidency anymore. Like it, or not, bigger-than-life personality trumps competency.

Trump is a runaway train. Romney, if he enters, will make it interesting. But in the end, Trump will win because we’re a TMZ Nation. That’s just the way it is. And Trump is the perfect president for a TMZ Nation.

Trump should counter Romney by immediately announcing Dr. Ben Carson as his VP. That’s the GOP Dream Team: Trump and Carson. I’ll tell you why in a future column.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. See you next week. God bless America.

No Democrats make the grade on list of ‘Taxpayer Super Hero’ lawmakers

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us capital building, from rear, east side, back side, dome,While it’s not surprising that only a handful of Republicans lawmakers would earn high marks from a taxpayer advocacy group, it’s equally unsurprising that only Republicans would get high marks at all.

No Democrats and a small group of GOP lawmakers received “Taxpayer Hero” or “Taxpayer Super Hero” recognition from the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) in the 2014 Congressional Ratings guide, published in August. CCAGW compiles its annual guide by assessing lawmakers’ voting records on meaningful fiscal measures.

Most lawmakers from both political parties come up short, and that was the case again for 2014.

Here’s how CCAWG describes its process:

CCAGW’s 2014 Congressional Ratings, for the second session of the 113th Congress, scored 85 votes in the House of Representatives and 13 votes in the Senate. By comparison, in 2013, CCAGW rated 80 votes in the House and 48 votes in the Senate.

CCAGW rates members on a 0 to 100% scale. Members are placed in the following categories: 0-19% Hostile; 20-39% Unfriendly; 40-59% Lukewarm; 60-79% Friendly; 80-99% Taxpayer Hero; and 100% Taxpayer Super Hero.

So who earned praise? Nine senators and eight representatives, all Republicans. “In 2014, 17 lawmakers (nine senators and eight representatives) earned the coveted title of Taxpayer Super Hero by achieving the highest possible score of 100 percent,” CCAGW writes. They are:

Sens. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Tim Scott (R-S.C.), and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.); and Reps. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.), Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Ed Royce (R-Calif.), Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), and Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.).

A single representative, meanwhile — Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) — earned a perfect zero. She was joined by 30 senators, all of whom also received zeroes.

CCAWG touted votes on the Keystone XL Pipeline, an amendment barring the FCC from preventing states enforcing their own broadband Internet laws and limiting public funds for IRS conferences as the biggest spending victories in the House.

Good fiscal work in the Senate, though, was hard to find.

“CCAGW, and therefore taxpayers, enjoyed no victories in the Senate during 2014,” the report states. “In the run-up to the mid-term elections, then-Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) purposely shielded Democratic senators from tough votes by shamelessly becoming the Senate’s obstructionist-in-chief, preventing any fiscally conservative legislation from reaching the president’s desk.”

For more on the CCAWG’s report and its methodology, check out the website.

GOP establishment ‘to unleash on Trump after Labor Day’

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This just shows you how absolutely stupid the establishment GOP is.  Every time they criticize Trump he goes up in the ratings.  This proves it!  The best way to break Reince Priebus’s finger is to punch him in the nose…………….CTP


The Republican establishment is reportedly about to launch a massive blitz of commercials after Labor Day to take down front-runner Donald Trump in his quest for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

“The hottest conversation that’s going on right now in the donor community among the anti-Trump donors, is how do you take down Donald Trump, and what’s the vehicle to do it,” CNN’s Maeve Reston told her network colleague John King on Sunday.

But party officials are said to be too timid to attack Trump directly.

“There are a lot of donors out there who see it as much too dangerous, obviously, for the candidates, or their allied super PACs, to go after Trump,” Reston said. “So they’re looking to more establishment PACs to potentially take him down in post-Labor Day ads.”

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Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh saw the report, and agrees with the premise “the Republican establishment is preparing to unleash on Trump after Labor Day.”

“Now they aren’t going to do it with their fingerprints on it,” Limbaugh explained. “They are looking for PACs that have no ties to current Republican candidates. They don’t want any fingerprints of the party directly on whatever this smear of Trump is going to be.”

Watch CNN’s Maeve Reston discuss the planned takedown of Donald Trump:

If the anti-Trump assault does materialize, Limbaugh said GOP leaders are “running a huge, huge risk. It looks to me like the Republican Party is being as obstinate and stubborn as it’s possible to be.”

Limbaugh noted, “There’s a lot to learn from this Trump campaign, this whole Republican primary has beaucoup (many) things to learn.

“If they’re not gonna take even one of them and try to adapt even one thing much less a whole lot of things, then they’re gonna be relegating themselves to minority status for I don’t know how long. Irrelevancy.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/08/gop-establishment-to-unleash-on-trump-after-labor-day/#eiyS5sriC2bA7ty4.99

Hillary’s desperate name-calling strategy

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hillary clintonJust how desperate is Hillary Clinton’s campaign to change the focus of articles about her faltering campaign? For weeks now, the No. 1 topic has been the scandal about the private email server she used while she was secretary of state. How could they get the press to talk about something else?

Well, here’s an idea. How about comparing her potential Republican opponents to terrorists? Yeah, that’s the ticket. No doubt that’s why we heard the following from her, during a campaign appearance in Ohio last week:

Now, extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups; we expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States.

Hey, Hillary, it isn’t the Republicans who treat women and even young girls as sex slaves; who force them into becoming suicide bombers; who want to deny them the right to vote, the right to drive and even the right to get an education. No, it’s the people you refuse to call Islamic terrorists.

But no matter. Hillary’s absurd escalation of the “war on women” rhetoric worked, at least for a while. And just to make sure the focus stayed on her vicious name calling, she later expanded the attack by comparing Republicans to Nazis.

In other words, Hillary’s campaign strategy now is to switch the focus from the stupid things she did as secretary of state to the stupid things she says as a candidate.

Joe Trippi, a top Democratic strategist, says the plan is simple. “The more the discussion is about the difference between her and the Republican field on women’s health or immigration,” he acknowledged, “that’s far better turf for her to be fighting on than another news cycle on the emails or the server.”

Such a strategy won’t hurt Hillary much with her base. They’re all in favor of such Republican bashing, no matter how exaggerated it is.

No, what’s hurting Hillary a lot more is the simple fact that most potential voters simply don’t believe her. And who can blame them?

The latest poll results in Iowa confirm that Hillary’s desperate efforts aren’t working. A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics survey, taken just a few days ago, says that support for Hillary Clinton has plummeted 20 percent in the state, to just 37 percent. Meanwhile, the percentage of voters who prefer Bernie Sanders, the Vermont socialist who has emerged as her top opponent, has soared to 30 percent. The Clinton campaign must be dumbfounded that Sanders is now within 7 percent of their candidate.

And here’s something that is probably even more worrisome for them: The top choice of 14 percent of Iowa’s potential voters is now Vice President Joe Biden. And he isn’t even a declared candidate … yet.

Yes, the Clinton campaign is in deep, deep trouble. It will take a lot more than name calling to put it on track again.

Hillary has corralled a ton of money and a bunch of top political talent. Unfortunately for her, it won’t be enough. Because when push comes to shove, she’s just not very likable or believable.

And that’s probably why, once again, she won’t be able to grab the brass ring.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Illinois can’t pay its lottery winners

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Why does this not surprise me?  Oh ya!  That’s right, I live here (if you can call it living!)………….CTP

illinois lottery logoAs former Democratic Rep. Barney Frank once famously said, “Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

But when it comes to playing (and winning) the lottery, the government in Illinois is sitting this one out.

Over the weekend, multiple new outlets began reporting that not-so-lucky big lottery winners in the Land of Lincoln are being told they have to wait if they want their payola. The state hasn’t arrived at a budget for the present fiscal year. And without one, nobody in government is allowed to cut the lottery winners their big checks.

“Without a state budget agreement two months into the new fiscal year, there’s no authority for the state comptroller to cut checks over $25,000. That means smaller winnings can be paid out, but not the larger lottery wins,” Time reported Saturday.

That means anyone to whom the state owes more than $25,000 is essentially getting an IOU, backed by the full faith and credit of the State of Illinois.

“With lawmakers in Springfield still not budging on a budget agreement, big lottery winners, like Danny Chasteen, are out of luck for now,” WGN reported. “Instead of paying off his bills with the $250,000 he won last month, Chasteen got an ‘I-O-U.’”

WGN also quoted a state legislator who pegged the deadline for getting a budget passed as “maybe never.”

The money’s there, a Reuters report assures. But what difference does that make?

Lottery winner Susan Rick told the Chicago Tribune that if it were the citizen who owed the state money, the Illinois government would just “come and take, and they don’t care whether we have a roof over our head.”

All Roads lead to Trump

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By Catholic Tea Party

I know what your thinking. Here he goes again shifting positions. Good guess, I am.

Ya, I have been struggling with this whole Trump thing and once again my gut is pounding at the door whispering, go with the Donald, go with the Donald. So I guess I am back Trumping for Trump. Here is the good and bad of it all.

The Good:
Donald will have his finger on the nuclear button. The GOP lame stream will make you think that is a recipe for nuclear annihilation. That is not really the case but the threat of it is there for our enemies who have had a pretty narcissistic and cushy life for the past years under the Obama regime.

The man knows business, I think we can all agree on that. The guy knows how to rebuild an economy, plus the majority of people who have done work with him hold his integrity in the highest regard.  Another benefit, the man was never a community organizer!

The man is not a whimp, unlike the rest of the GOP eunuch’s he will stand his ground and will not tower under.

Even many elite country club GOP like his policy on immigration.

From what I have heard, despite the fact Trump has contributed to the Clintons he would not pardon Hillary should she be indicted on the email business.

The Bad:

The main thing is a sketchy knowledge of religion. I think deep down Trump is a moral man but it does not translate to a regular organized religious life. Businessmen, good businessmen are like that. Their concentration is focuses on the business or in this case, fixing the U.S.

My fear, which I have resolved, is his liberal sister judge. The pro-partial birth abortion supporter who Trump said he was proud of. I think the term “proud of” was taken out of context by the bash Trump crowd. One, proud, in the Donalds vocabulary, is kind of a crutch phrase like, “ya know”. Two, he is proud of his sisters accomplishments becoming a judge, he may not agree with her philosophy however and remember, Trump is running and not his sister.

So here is where it all ends up for me. I think Trump is the best choice and further, the GOP will not win without him. I know if I see a Jeb Bush in there I am staying home unless a viable 3rd party comes along, like a Trump. The end result will be the same and the GOP will have itself to blame. Even now they don’t give up. There are rumors that the Republicans are getting ready to launch a new attack against Trump.  whether they inlist the aid of fox again its anyone’s guess.

On the abortion issue, as a Catholic I should vote for the best pro-life/pro-family candidate. That would be Rubio and Walker. Problem is I don’t trust Rubio and I don’t like some of Walkers national defense stands. Of course Cruz and Jindal would be the next two logical choices but they have qualifiers too on their pro-life stance. The usual exceptions of rape, incest, or health of the mother. That brings us back to Trump. He said he was pro-choice but is now pro-life. I believe him. In college I was pro-choice then came to my senses as well. Trump said he is pro-traditional family but would attend a gay wedding of a friend or relative. I will accept his religious stands.

So here I am supporting Trump again. Hopefully, this is the end of my daily flip flop. One thing is certain. This is continuing to become one of the most interesting primaries this nation has ever had. Let’s hope the final outcome is beneficial to the nation.