All You Need To Know About Controlled Traffic Farming

Farming is an important part of the economy to make sure that things continue to run smoothly. With the help of farming, millions of people in the world are able to get food. It cannot be denied that farming is one of the most essential part of the world and has been around for ancient times. There has been endless research carried out on farming and how to improve the yield, and researchers have come up with innovative solutions with one of them being controlled traffic farming. Modern machinery has started to dominate the world of farming, and it should not come as a surprise due to how much it can help farmers maximise the yield and minimise the efforts. 

As important as machinery is in farming, it is also crucial that you know how to properly use it. One of the main reasons why the idea of 12m controlled traffic farming was proposed because of the damage that was being done to the soil by the heavy wheels of the vehicles. So, what exactly is controlled traffic farming, how it can minimise that damage and what are its benefits? Let’s see below. 

How is Controlled Traffic Farming done? 

If you are trying to transition to controlled traffic farming, but lack knowledge on how it is done then it is just as its name suggests. You limit the tracks of your vehicle and make a specific route for it to move on. As we previously mentioned, the reason why this idea was proposed was because of the damage that was being caused to the soil by the weight of the machinery, however, if the track is limited, then the damage will also be minimised to that specific area.  

What are the Benefits? 

Nowadays majority of the developed nations know how important modern farming techniques have become, and have started to implement them. So, what are exactly the benefits of controlled traffic farming? Let’s find out. 

Saving Money 

One of the main reasons why controlled traffic farming has become essential is due to how much money farmers can save. Before CFT was introduced, the damage the wheels of the machinery were causing to the soil required farmers to use more fertilizers to get the desired yield. However, now that the wheel tracks are limited, they are able to save a lot more money by minimising the requirement for fertilizers. 


Covering a large field was not only difficult for farmers, but also it took a lot of time. Controlled traffic farming enables them to enhance their efficiency, and also reduce the overall number labour to get the job done.  

We now hope after reading this article you have enough knowledge about controlled traffic farming and know why it has become such an important part of farming. 

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