Types Of Entry Doors

What do you expect from an entry door? It is not just a wooden piece or a glass made erection to allow you to come in and go out. It is much more complex than this. It is the first impression of home or the office or any other architectural structure. It guarantees the security and adds the first impression on anyone moving in. hence a little more effort is required to understand how the doors have to be. The entry doors must fulfil all the essential requirements that can actually make a door attractive and impressive. The commonly used types of entry doors are as follows:

  1. Wooden doors are the most traditional and conventional form of doors. It won’t be wrong to say that it was wood that was first used to make a door to any space. The best thing about the wood is that it can be transformed into any shape and can be made innovative and unique. The doors are tough and easy to maintain. The cost even varies according to the quality and the structure. The customization of these doors is not a problem either. Paint them, recolour them or do anything with these as you prefer. There is little to worry about weather conditions. If they are well made there is little to worry about their life and strength. To avoid the insect attack the wood can be treated with the insecticides as well.
  2. Fibreglass doors are one of the newest entries. It is the landmark of technology and advancement. They are adored for being strong, sturdy, innovative and long-lasting. At the same time they are recommended for being energy efficient. The shortcomings of the wooden doors are well dealt with through these doors. These fibreglass doors would neither rot nor would they rust like the rest of the door materials. The maintenance of these doors is comparatively easier too. If you want to insulate them and seal them properly all it would require would be the foam centre insulation. Hence, it becomes a strong weather shield against all seasonal odds. These kinds of doors are scratchless too.
  3. Steel doors are best for those who want something really hard like a rock. The three main features that distinguish this kind of doors is the safety, strength and energy conservation. These doors make a great entry choice for commercial setups. They are fitted with even more secure locks that are difficult to open. With the passage of time it has become possible to customize them by adding colours to the steel doors.

Besides these material based entry doors from Bismac Pty Ltd, the other options include patio doors and storm doors too that are being used as the entry doors as well.

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