What Is Market Umbrella?

Umbrellas are in human use, I one shape or another from the time we started living outside the cave. The use of umbrellas has been witnessed in ancient civilizations. The initial umbrella was made of only wooden structure and in square shape. They were fixed structures that unable to move and heavy in weight.

Advancement in material science and industrial practices, now the umbrella can be made with many materials like aluminum. The market umbrella is also called a Patio Umbrella. Patio umbrella was got popular by the street of France and Italy.

The people in Europe used these umbrellas in widespread in markets to cover their cafes or merchandise. The size of the umbrella is selected as per its utility and area to be covered. They can easily be said as an outdoor leisure umbrella.

The stricture of the market umbrella is the same as of conventional umbrella. The cafe barriers Hobart, pole, and base are the three basic parts of the market umbrella. The diameter of the umbrella must be known while selecting the pole and base. Because the base and pole are not strong enough to bear the weight of the umbrella then it will not be stable. The least height for the umbrella should be 7feet and if you need more height then it can also be chosen.

The type of umbrella is also seen carefully as per your utility. There are four types of market umbrella

Tilting Umbrella

This is the most common type of umbrella used. They are used in households and markets also. They are popular because they have the flexibility of tilting their patio. That means you can tilt the umbrella as per the sun positions. The holder of umbrella allows to change the angle and it can be shifted with ease. This practical use makes it very popular and enhances its application. See this page for beach umbrella Adelaide.

Cantilever Umbrella

These umbrellas are mostly used for commercial purposes like restaurants and hotels. They have a sturdier base and have bigger diameters. These umbrellas are usually fixed to the ground because of its structural weight. They are said to be the deluxe version of the market umbrella and they come with a high price tag. But its strong structure also adds durability to the umbrella. SO it’s worthy of its cost.

Table & free Standing Umbrellas

These are a simple version of the umbrella. They can be fixed at an outdoor table or can stand alone as an umbrella. They are also common in households and restaurants.


Ventilation umbrella is a specialized form of umbrella and is used as per climate needs. If you live in the summer climate, then the ventilation umbrellas are used to dissipate heat as they have a special coating to engage heat.

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